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August 13th, 2023

How you designed your own website

When we think about the website of our business, the first thought which comes to our mind is that how we will design our website, what should be important in the website and how will the design attract customers

Design sounds very simple but before starting the design of the website, we first need to be clear on some points of our site’s purpose that how you need to run your website what type of contents should be there, the design should be related to our business and brand for which we are designing our website and it needs to come across as authentic and engaging. 

As nowadays everyone is using latest technology and designs to make the website creative and innovative so when we are deciding to design our website, we should go through the latest trends of the website, it will make us clear that what latest techniques can we use and how can we make more innovative design for our website, we should use the latest techniques to make our website catchy and attractive which should be different from others as you can check the websites, every site will be of different design and unique.

Once you are clear to your doubts that what type of design you want and obviously you should have a much better idea of what you need from a template. we need to select the theme or template; it is like a design of the site. Usually, the templates are divided into categories, make them simple and sober which is relevant to your business or Each category will have templates with built-in features that are relevant to your business.

You just need to keep this thing in mind that whatever you are doing on the website that everything is related to our business and brand and all the things which we are showing on our website either it is contents or either it designs everything is promoting our business, you should use light colors while creating your website because colors are most important because we first look the website then it contents and other things.


After selecting the template and brand now it's time to add the things which we want to add to our website. We need to think about positioning and optimization, where we will check that our contents have sat on the page and how it’s laid out.

When we have completed all the things then we need to check out that we have completed our website’s purpose, or we have used the latest trends techniques and we have settled the content, we have selected the professional color which looks good on the website which is presenting our brand and promoting our business.

Before publishing your site it’s time to check everything works first goes through the site yourself so that it will be easier and more confident to publish your website, check all the contents and blogs, terms and conditions about your company that everything which is written on contents it is easy to read and understanding, the links are working properly or not, your site is properly working in mobile, PC or desktop or not and also share your website with you friends and colleagues so if there is anything missing or not working they will let you know.

After publishing your website, it’s important to keep checking how your website is performing. Keep tracking that home many page views are you getting how much time are users spending on your website and if there will be any issue you can sort out it on timely.

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